2 years ago

Why We Must Shut America’s International Military Bases

John Glaser is really a writer who includes national security and a student in International Protection at the Schar College of Plan and Government at George Mason University

They do not assist our core national interests


2 years ago

The 10 worst armies on earth

America has, by most powerful, the greatest, far, well-furnished, and best trained military drive to actually occur In The World. This is probably Americans can’t have any conversation about military spending without referring to which nations i read more...

2 years ago

U.S. Facets in Colombia Shake the Spot

On the shores of the Magdalena Water, in a lush green area filled with cattle ranches and plants, sits the Palanquero military platform, an outpost equipped with Colombia’s greatest runway, property for 2,000 troops, a theater, a supermarket, an read more...

2 years ago

5 Most Effective Navies of All Time

There has been countless navies of history within the last three thousand years. Constructed those desperate to increase to the realm of naval abilities or by seagoing nations, multiple navies often participate to offer protection and develop nati read more...